Politics 2.0

With the expansion of social media, the world of politics was bound to adopt it. This became very clear in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Coming in as a fresh, young face, Barack Obama really used social media tools in his campaign. Although it is difficult to measure which specific aspect of Obama’s campaign led him to victory, it seems like his use of social media helped. However, both Obama and McCain used social media throughout their campaigns. It seemed like social media began to shape politics.

Politics 2.0 is the idea that social media and the Internet will change the publics ability to follow and view politics. There’s no denying that this is the case. Social media is changing the way we view everything in the world, so why would politics be exempt? Currently, President Obama has 25,859,973 Facebook likes and 13,335,620 Twitter followers. That’s millions of people that he is able to reach through social media, a source in which young voters (Obama’s key demographic), find most of their information.

President Obama uses social media to reach the public.

With the 2012 presidential election just 225 days away (information that you can find on the banner of Obama’s Twitter page), Obama’s social media is in full swing. Up for reelection, Obama needs to use his Facebook and Twitter to reach his millions of followers. Although he personally may not manage his Facebook and Twitter accounts, the people who did provide followers with constant updates about policies, polls and plans.

Clearly, this is a world that is now controlled (more or less) by social media. It is impossible to keep it out of any part of life, politics included. The idea of Politics 2.0 is definitely true. Our view of politics is definitely influenced by social media, so politicians should really put a lot of effort into their social media pages. It can only help.


About Allison Miszner

Hello, my name is Allison Miszner. I am a junior public relations student at the University of Maryland studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for the semester. Follow my blog read about my experience traveling through Spain and Europe for the next four months. Enjoy!
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