Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia journalism is a new form of reporting on the web that gives readers an interactive look at the information they are seeking. It often incorporates photos, videos and activities with text to tell a more non-linear story. It keeps readers engaged and informed by giving them more options for information seeking. It also always readers to pick and chose what information they want to read, allowing people to skip what they don´t want with tabs and categories.

Multimedia stories keep readers more engaged through their nonlinear format. Nonlinear means that instead of reading a story from top to bottom, you read across and throughout the page. With a multimedia story, readers can read text, view animation and photos, and watch videos all within one story. That´s what creates a nonlinear format.

There are many examples of multimedia stories and websites on the Internet. For example, the American medical assistance organization Touching Hearts has a great multimedia website. When you enter the website, there are three routes to go- mission, stories and people. Within those categories, you can further explare with multimedia explanations of each.

Mutlimedia journalism incorporates different aspects of journalism to engage the reader in a nonlinear experience.

When you click through the Mission on Touching Hearts, you are given a multimedia experience to learn about the mission of the organization. It takes you through the steps of the development of the organization. The mission is told in parts, chronoligcally, showing you images and maps to further elaborate what it is discussing. At the end you are able to watch audio clips, as well as read about the history and Frequently Asked Questions.

Mutlimedia journalism provides a twist to regular journalism. It makes information more appealing, exciting and accesible. I think it´s a great development in the field of journalism and see it as the future of journalism.


About Allison Miszner

Hello, my name is Allison Miszner. I am a junior public relations student at the University of Maryland studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for the semester. Follow my blog read about my experience traveling through Spain and Europe for the next four months. Enjoy!
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