Facebook is definitely the social networking site I use the most. Having made my Facebook in 2006, I have seen the site go through many changes in terms of layout, memberships, privacy, etc. Although I use Facebook numerous times a day, I still have concerns about it in the future.

My main use of Facebook is photos. I love to post my pictures (especially now that I am abroad and travelling to such exciting places) and look at my friends. I´m what you call the ultimate Facebook stalker and I´m proud. Sorry but don´t put your pictures if you don´t want me to stalk them. I also use Facebook to stay in contact with people. Now that I am in Barcelona, staying in touch with people via phone is not as easy as it is in the States. Facebook messaging and Facebook IM are great ways to stay in touch with people. With all the changes and updates Facebook has gone through in the past six years, the one I think is the best is Facebook IM. What used to be a creepy way to talk to people is now a viable way to stay in touch. Now don´t even get me started on this new timeline thing. That is not a change I am willing to accept.

Facebook Timeline is Facebook's newest change.

Like I said, my main use of Facebook is to look at and share photos. However, this is where I find my concern. Facebook is not immortal. Someday it will die, be replaced, crash or something. Nobody can possibly know when that will happen or what exactly will happen, but I think it´s safe to say, like everything else in the world, Facebook has an expiration date. When that fateful day finally does come, I can´t help but worry about my pictures! So many of my photos from high school, college and abroad are on Facebook and if Facebook were to crash, those photos would be lost in the abyss of the Internet. I guess I could back them up, but who has time for that? The best part about Facebook is the convenience of the photos. Hopefully Facebook will outlive me, but I´m kind of guessing it won´t. Who knows what the future of social networking and the Internet will bring, but I can´t help but be a little nervous, especially for the fate of my lifetime of photos.


About Allison Miszner

Hello, my name is Allison Miszner. I am a junior public relations student at the University of Maryland studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for the semester. Follow my blog read about my experience traveling through Spain and Europe for the next four months. Enjoy!
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