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One of the reasons I was inspired to start this blog was because of one of the classes I am taking while studying in Barcelona. The class is called Journalism 2.0 and in it we are learning about the changing media, web 2.0 and blogging. The major class assignment is to create an original blog about a topic of our choosing. So in addition to writing about my travels, I will be commenting on class content.

Last week, we discussed the issue of Mega Video being shut down. When I first heard that had happened, I did not think it would be as big of an issue for me as it has proven to been over the past week. Although I am living in Barcelona, I still must keep up with my American TV shows, including but not limited to The Bachelor, Real Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Jersey Shore, Modern Family, etc. However, being the busy Barcelona chick that I now am, I don’t have time to watch all 23 of my shows live. Oh yeah, and there is the issue that I can’t just flip on MTV and expect an English feed. So, I have been relying on my Mac and my few free nights to power through as many TV shows as possible, just to ensure I don’t completely fall of the American media map.

How will I survive abroad if I can't watch Bachelor Ben every week?

With the elimination of Mega Video, this has become an extremely difficult challenge. Mega Video has always been the best option for TV watching. It loads quickly, hardly ever buffers and the quality isn’t so poor to the point where you can’t even tell if you are watching a person speak or a tree blow in the wind, a common issue with online TV watching. Yet low and behold, I log on to my usual, possibly illegal TV show hub website of choice last Friday morning to watch my regular Thursday night line up (big night on ABC and MTV prime time) to find there is no Mega Video to be found!

Naturally, my initial reaction was to go into a state of panic. If I don’t find out if Vinny comes back to the shore house, I definitely won’t be able to enjoy my day of Barcelona tourism. Who can concentrate on the Boqueria when the state of the Jersey Shore cast mates is so unclear? This made me realize how much the elimination of Mega Video really does alter my everyday life. All these other websites take forever to load and then usually can’t make it through a third of the episode. I’ll never be able to make it through Dance Moms season two like this! Of course this had to happen while I’m abroad. Oh, the difficult issues I’ve been dealing with. Such a tough life…


About Allison Miszner

Hello, my name is Allison Miszner. I am a junior public relations student at the University of Maryland studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for the semester. Follow my blog read about my experience traveling through Spain and Europe for the next four months. Enjoy!
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